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Posted on December 12 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

Sand Ninjas!

The Almanac reading for next week is a bearish Monday and Friday.  It also says that Friday has a history of huge gains.  Perhaps this next week will give the breakout that most people have been waiting for.  I don’t have much to say about the markets this week.  It has chopped around and around […]

Posted on December 4 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

Becoming Goldman Sachs

Wow what a week right! The last three days were crazy cool! Three gap ups, each running and making new yearly highs on the ES, and then each failing with Friday being the most spectacular failure of them all. I made a tweet earlier this week saying that the next couple weeks had nothing but […]

Posted on November 27 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

Longer Term Reflexivity

The Almanac reading for next week is a bearish Monday and Friday and a bullish Tuesday and Thursday. Kind of like a bear Oreo! This last week was interesting. We definitely had some huge movement on the holidays because of Dubai. I am going to jump right in with a market/philosophy lesson, skipping my usual […]

Posted on November 21 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

Memorization vs. Understanding

The Almanac is interesting for the upcoming week. It is bullish every day that the market is open. It says to get long in the weakness of the prior week and then cash out on the strength of this upcoming week. I have seen this phenomenon before. The volume is epically low, so people think […]

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