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Posted on November 14 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

Your Ultimate Goal

The Almanac reading for next week is a Bullish Wednesday and Friday.  I am noticing an interesting change in the market’s character over the last week.  Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know the market is chopping people up worse than George Washington and a Cherry Tree.  Besides that, I noticed early […]

Posted on November 7 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

“Extended Version” Boom and Bust Post

The Almanac reading for next week is non-existent! No readings! I said last week that this week was going to be very important in telling me what the rest of the year would be like and it did not disappoint. It seems the rest of the year will probably be a choppy to downward sloping […]

Posted on October 31 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

Cut the Other Bloke’s Heart Out

The Almanac reading for the coming week is a bullish Monday and Thursday. The Almanac mentions that November starts the “best 6 months” for stock market performance. This past week, the almanac was hitting .333. Wednesday set up such a nice long opportunity with lots of bottoming tail hammers, a bullish almanac reading, and an […]

Posted on October 24 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

Do You Prefer the Top or Bottom?

The Almanac readings for the coming week are a bullish Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Last week the Almanac actually did a decent job, so this coming week’s readings seem legit if this market stays in this chop. One of the basic weaknesses that traders get caught in is not focusing on the long term. If […]

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