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Posted on September 20 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

How Smart are You?

The almanac has one reading for this week coming up and that is a bearish Thursday. There is a note that says the week after triple witching in September is historically weak with the Dow down 5 years in a row from 2002-2006. This reading sits well with me because quad witching, and options expiry […]

Posted on September 13 , 2009 In Weekly Updates


Next week in the almanac has one reading, a bullish Wednesday. The almanac then mentions that this expiration week has been up the last 4 straight and 5 of the last 6 years. In 2001 the Dow had its worst weekly point loss ever of 1370 points, or 14.3%. The market here gave us a […]

Posted on September 5 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

Would you take these odds?

The almanac updates for this coming week are a bullish Wednesday and Friday, which fit quite well if the bounce this last Friday continues to new highs.  This last week saw the first real cracks we have seen in the bullish fervor since the beginning of July.  At the moment I am short, but do […]

Posted on August 29 , 2009 In Weekly Updates


This week coming up shows a bullish almanac reading on Tuesday (the first day of September) and a bearish reading on Friday. September and October are notoriously “crash” months. A range of panics across history shows that for some reason, these months are quite prone to cataclysmic change. I think there are several reasons for […]

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