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Posted on June 28 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

Market Plans!

The market chopped up quite a few traders this week. I have thankfully been relatively on the sidelines as through May and June, the market has moved very little in absolute terms(I think the market is within spitting distance of the first trading day of May). Shadow Trader did a good work up of the […]

Posted on June 20 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

June 20th ’09 Update

We have a full rack of Almanac updates ahead of us.  I noticed as this week wore on that things were setting up perfectly for a slight retracement up to the 920-930 level, and a continued fall this next week if things got into gear on the bear side.  Options expiry also has this tendency […]

Posted on May 30 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

First Post of Trading in the Now!

Welcome to the first official update of Trading in the Now! If you are new, the structure of these weekly updates usually starts off with almanac readings, followed by my musings on the market. This week the Almanac is giving us a bullish Monday and Tuesday with the rest of the week a toss up. […]

Posted on May 29 , 2009 In Weekly Updates

May 17th Almanac Post

Almanac Update for the Week, Scenarios for the Months The Almanac this week is showing a few signals: a bullish Tuesday, bearish Thursday, and a bullish Friday. This does not seem terribly implausible: we get a brief rally this Monday, then a fall off and plunge in the middle of the week, and a slight […]

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