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Posted on November 1 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Isn’t Striving Draining?

Tomorrow’s Plan: I will be working a promotion for the next two days, so I probably will be placing no trades. Considering the heavy news coming out, I think it is a wise decision. I will miss out on scalping the Fed move, which has been profitable the last few Fed days, oh well. Usually […]

Posted on October 31 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Things Change

Tomorrow’s Plan: The market has been in pause mode as it waits for the news coming out this week. On Wednesday, there will be the QE2 Fed announcement, and on Tuesday, the election. The VIX has been rising as the news event gets closer, indicating volatility expanding in front of the numbers. I do not […]

Posted on October 24 , 2010 In Daily Updates


Due to a death in the family, there may be a delay in reports. I will begin trading again Tuesday Edit: Due to planning the funeral and all that jazz, I will probably take the rest of the week off. The family member was my grandma, who I was not particularly close with. I do […]

Posted on October 22 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Unlimited Freedom Is The Result

Tomorrow’s Plan: Resumed Sunday Today’s Trades: Today’s Journal Entry: Last Note I don’t think we have had such a flat day in a long time. I got another chance today to see my fear in action. I was a bit baffled by how strong my fear really was with the GG trade. I mean I […]

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