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Posted on October 17 , 2010 In Daily Updates

I’m Just The Undertaker

Tomorrow’s Plan: The market is definitely “heating up,” so to speak. There are times when you can just feel the tension coming through the screen, and this is one of those times. I cannot remember the last time there was such a discrepancy between sectors. The financials got absolutely hammered and technology blasted off to […]

Posted on October 14 , 2010 In Daily Updates

It IS Just You

Tomorrow’s Plan: I don’t trade expiry, resumed Sunday Today’s Trades: Today’s Journal Entry:It’s Just Me I have a question for you: would you rather have a 55% edge or a 35% edge for winning trades. Pick an answer…got one? If you are like most people, you pick the 55% one, thinking it’s better. However Jankovsky […]

Posted on October 13 , 2010 In Daily Updates


Tomorrow’s Plan: Not exactly the greatest close to a very strong bullish day. Volume today was very high, toping anything we have seen for a week or so. The close was a high volume sell off. The market is just amazing; you have to know that longer term longs are beginning to liquidate, you have […]

Posted on October 12 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Nuggets From A Great Book

Tomorrow’s Plan: My journal says that outside days are usually tougher to trade. The long side continues to be the right side to trade on, with a few caveats. Most new highs are not being held for very long; we get a new high, and the market is sold off. At the same time, the […]

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