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Posted on April 6 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Inch by Inch

Tomorrow’s Plan Higher volume in the NYSE today, although the SPY traded less. Most everything is trading below even lowered average volume numbers. Calls continue to be bought in record numbers in comparison to puts. Bill mentioned yesterday that part of the reason this was occurring was because Rho causes Calls to rise in price […]

Posted on April 5 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Persist, Even After Giving Up

Tomorrow’s Plan Great up day today, some stuff really trended well and I am sure some of you got in on those great moves. Over the past 50 years, April has been the best month for the Dow Jones, going up just under 2% on average. As somebody once said, the most bullish thing a […]

Posted on April 4 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Do you cycle?

Tomorrow’s Plan Welcome back from a long weekend.  I hope you got some rest and recreation, I sure did.  I will start off by stating that I believe tomorrow will be a “pivotal day.”  By this I mean that it will give us a good indication of what we can expect in the month ahead.  […]

Posted on April 1 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Did You Make the Same Mistakes I Did?

Tomorrow’s Plan Will be Released Sunday Today’s Trades Made three trades today.  I can only justify the first as the last two were completely compulsive Today’s Lesson: Fearful Day Today I was pretty fearful, I just felt afraid this whole morning!  I found myself hesitating on taking trades that I knew had an edge to […]

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