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Posted on March 31 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Don’t Push it Tomorrow Without a Solid Plan

Tomorrow’s Plan New month, new stocks!  I decided to keep some of the ones from last month, as well as add less volatile ones.  Talking in the chat room today, I thought it was a good idea to stray away from the more volatile names and stick with the stuff that I can stand a […]

Posted on March 30 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Stop Trying to Make Something Happen

Tomorrow’s Plan Tough time finding some good set ups.  I think the day can be summed up by AKS’s action.  It broke an hourly triangle to the upside, then the downside, and now is in a smaller box within the old box.  A double box play!  But seriously, don’t trade that haha.  Focusing on the […]

Posted on March 29 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Did You Get Chopped Up?

Tomorrow’s Plan What a low volume day!  Some of my stocks had almost half their normal volume!  Perhaps something will pick up tomorrow and the next day.  Thursday should be either interesting or sleepy as traders expect something to happen in front of a three day weekend, or don’t even show up at all (either […]

Posted on March 28 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Do you have a plan you can count on for Monday?

For this coming week, I will be focusing more on the 15 min and hourly charts and less on the 5 minute charts. My brain wants this easy button for when to use 5 minute charts and when to use the longer time frame, but really it cannot be. I have noticed that when the […]

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