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Posted on October 11 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Sleepy Day

Tomorrow’s Plan: Pretty sleepy day. Volume started off higher then Friday before really slowing down after lunch. The late day plunge was indicative of a build up in long positions which experienced a stop run before going right back to where it broke down from. I am sure whoever was long was pretty shocked to […]

Posted on October 10 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Some Nice Breakouts

Tomorrow’s Plan: Interesting thing that shadow trader pointed out about the next few days is the lack of news announcements. Monday is also a holiday, but the markets are open. I will be watching TLT to see if it can break its moving average and uptrend line. VIX is sitting right at support; we haven’t […]

Posted on October 8 , 2010 In Daily Updates

No trades

No trades today, have a great weekend : )

Posted on October 7 , 2010 In Daily Updates

The Bulls Are Vulnerable

Tomorrow’s Plan: I chalk today up as a “nothing happen” kind of day. There was money to be made, but as far as the longer term picture, today’s action changed nothing. Perhaps if we had closed at the lows after the failed breakout this morning, that would be something, but the afternoon rally made it […]

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