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Posted on October 1 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Two Trades

Tomorrow’s Plan: Resumed Sunday Today’s Trades: Today’s Journal Entry: Last Note Have a Great weekend Lucas

Posted on September 30 , 2010 In Daily Updates


Tomorrow’s Plan: Definitely not a good day if your a bull. This is the type of reversal day that can cumulate in a violent sell off sometime in the next few days. Basically it works like this: bulls get used to buying every dip until it bites a whole lot of them all at once. […]

Posted on September 29 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Something For Nothing

Tomorrow’s Plan: Today was the first day that I saw the put/call ratio, called the ISEE, start to get a bit frothy on the bullish side. It started making me think that this range up here is not such a bad thing for many bulls. The most nervous among them will find almost any reason […]

Posted on September 28 , 2010 In Daily Updates

Lines In The Mirror

Tomorrow’s Plan: We are seeing up days with higher volume and better follow through and pullbacks with lower volume and poor follow through. There is no question that this market is a bull market, and should be traded accordingly. With that laid out, I find several things interesting about today. First off, TLT continues to […]

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